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Occupy Your Street

Occupy Wall Street knew where it ate, but not where it slept. It knew who its friends were, but not its affections. It knew that somewhere, some lucrous virulence was metastasizing, unchecked within the body, but it knew not where, or how long the patient might reasonably be expected to survive. “Poor America, tossed onContinue Reading

Drunken American – Bangkok

I wrote the majority of what you’re about to read a few months ago while my wife and I were staying in Bangkok at the tale’s end of a long and luxurious honeymoon. Given The Rambler’s implied immediacy, I feel like this requires some explanation. Normally, my schtick is that I sit down and writeContinue Reading

Steve Jobs

It will, I’m sure, surprise precisely none of you that I didn’t know Steve Jobs in any way. Still, when I learned about his death on Wednesday, I was saddened. This came as quite a surprise to me, since I’m not a sentimental person by nature. Although I enjoy and use Apple products, I’ve typicallyContinue Reading

“And I’m Up While the Dawn is Breaking”

Dear Vagabonds, Drunkards and Saints: Greetings from the other side of marriage! I am remiss for not writing to you last week, but I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of my impending nuptials. I was married to Molly R. Gutman–now Molly R. Webb–on June 18th at approximately 18:00 PST. It was a wonderful party I’mContinue Reading

My Las Vegas Bachelor Party

My first official decision as a newly engaged man was to seize cliché’s warm and comforting bosom with both hands and plant my face in it. Not only was I going to have a traditional bachelor party, I was going to have the most trite and overdone bachelor party imaginable: Vegas, strip club, gambling, drinkingContinue Reading

The Tree of Life

I’ve spent a few days chewing over Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” and reading most of the reviews I could find. Normally, I don’t write about movies because I don’t have much to say, and if I do, there’s usually someone who has said it first or said it better. And while I can’tContinue Reading

Drunk in America – San Francisco

There was a time I loved San Francisco. Having grown up in a pleasant suburban purgatory, San Francisco’s brooding weather and temperamental streets, which seemed to shift their direction and location from visit to visit, were a welcome West Coast metropole. I’ve mentioned previously that I never quite found my rhythm with Los Angeles, orContinue Reading

Shelter and the Storm

It was drizzling this morning when I left. The sky was all misted over, with just enough blue bleeding through to give the low grey clouds a violet pallor. The light shower fell with a windward slant that slicked my just shaved head and nurtured in me a pleasant melancholy, as my hooded sweatshirt turnedContinue Reading


The Germans have words for everything. And when they don’t have a word for something, they simply sew their nouns together and create linguistic monstrosities which are, none-the-less, terrific significations. These ingenious Frankenstein vocabularies often capture the state they’re after so succinctly that the words become a sort of philosophy unto themselves. Schadenfreude–the pleasure derivedContinue Reading

Bin Laden Dead–And What Else Besides

I spent most of yesterday figuring out how I felt about the murder of Osama bin Laden, and then tried to find some exactitude in my thinking by writing an article for a local news site. What I came to was some sort of basic discomfort with the idea that the President of the UnitedContinue Reading

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